Explore The Experience

Explore is a fulldome picture produced by Creative Planet, lead by Maciej Ligowski. The fulldome concept is quite unique in its spectacular cinematic format fitted only by Dome Theaters and Planetariums equipped with VR technology. In other words it’s HUGE ! Which of course invited for an intriguing task in making the music.

The final version premiered at the Hamburg Planetarium in April 2018 and has since won multiple awards. Screening in 360° 3D | 8K visuals and 360° spatial surround sound through 64 speakers – Epic.

Explore is currently premiering around the world and continuously winning new awards for its excellence. We wish to thank Maciej Ligowski, Maciej Rasala and Zuzanna Ligowska for inviting us onboard their creative journey and we congratulate everybody at Creative Planet on their winning spree.

You can find out more about Explore and Creative Planet here.


Igor Uskokovic | Soundtrack Lab