Custom Music


Uniqueness & cinematic impact

It is a well known fact that the right music score makes any production stand out and become unique.

Library Music is a cost effective alternative to commissioned music, and if you are on a tight budget this may well be a practical solution, even for a filmscore. There are however a few important matters to be aware of and to consider.

Though you might find suitable library music for your production, chances are your audience already heard that same music associated with another film, product or presentation. And it will be used over again in various productions, turning your project from original and unique to somewhat pastiche. If your film is original shouldn’t your soundtrack be ?!

You can commission original music here with us. Tailor made for your production. Our work range span various from the big screen to indie films, from global brands to local businesses – through all musical genres. Customized to match any project size, budget and timeline requirements.

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Some various examples of custom work from past to present

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